Aunt Theresa-

I owe you a tremendous apology. I should never have talked to you with such disrespect and truly regret how bad I have damaged my relationship with you. I have been absolutely sick over it and wish I could take back everything I said. You were trying to help my Mom and all I could see was her decline and I felt completely helpless...and what sent me over the edge was the facility telling me that Mom's financial situation was fine; as Medicare had not even been touched. I know now that I was completely misinformed; and I should have trusted you. But even so, you didn't deserve being attacked at all.

I acted like a child and took it out on you. I am so sorry. You have been beside Mom this entire time and didn't deserve such insult. When you & Bernie called me, I was caught off guard; and I insisted that I talk to Jess & Peyton because I didn't know how to move forward without advice on the issue. And then when I (mistakenly) heard that she was financially sound...and Power of Attorney had been given to the 3 of you, I felt like I had been run over. I was completely wrong; and you were right. This needed to happen, and happen quickly. But, I was too self-absorbed in the fact I was losing my Mom to see this.

Again, I attacked you like a child throwing a tantrum, and I can't put into words how sorry I am. Saying that I have never been so embarrassed is an understatement. Not just because I was wrong, but because I attacked the one person who has been guarding & protecting my Mom; doing everything that needs to be done.

Please accept my apology, and please don't shut me out. I realize that your attorney has told all 3 of you not to speak to me. I understand why, but I don't have any intention of challenging your Power of Attorney position, and realize I was completely in the wrong. I hope you can forgive me simply because I DO very much love you and my uncles, and regret so much what I have done. Mom needs you, and I need you...and I am so sorry I hurt you.

Please forgive me,